Market Cap:


Last Jackpot:

Earn by Holding!

4% of every sale goes directly back
to the wallets SOS holders,
which means you can sit back,
relax, and watch your tokens grow!

Win HUGE Prizes!

2-2.5% of every trade goes into the
jackpot prize wallet which everyone
has the chance to win! You could
become an INSTANT millionaire!

Worldwide Reach!

Our celebrity partnerships are huge
and we're finalising more every day -
holders will have exclusive access to
events, limited merch and NFTs!

Beneficiary Foundations

Happy Hippie Foundation

Founded by Miley Cyrus

It is an honor for the SOS Foundation to work side-by-side with Miley and her foundation to raise funds for the inspiring causes Happy Hippie serves and supports. Happy Hippie’s mission is to to rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth.

Raising Malawi

Founded by Madonna

SOS Foundation is proud to support Madonna’s incredible foundation, Raising Malawi! Founded by Madonna, Raising Malawi supports orphans and vulnerable children in Mawali through health, education and community sport.

As a result of her ongoing efforts, Madonna is widely recognized as a dedicated philanthropist both in Malawi and globally, improving the lives of thousands of Malawian children.

We’re very excited to announce or partnership with the incredible Project Zero! With a range of A-list ambassadors such as Cara and Poppy Delevingne, Kate Moss, Will Poulter, Slash, Rita Ora and Liv Tyler, Project Zero’s mission is to secure a global network of ocean sanctuaries that will provide resilience to the devastating effects of climate change.


Every SOS holder has the chance to win the jackpot prize! Winners are chosen when the SOS Token market cap hits particular milestones. If you’re holding SOS, then you’re in with a chance of winning the jackpot! The more SOS you hold, the greater chance you have of winning. 


…when the current market cap milestone is hit, a snapshot of all existing SOS hodlers’ addresses (minus the foundation and team related) will be taken and shared to the community. A weighted lottery will then take place within the next 24 hrs to reveal 3 winners to split the jackpot (50%, 35%, 15%). The rewards will then be distributed to the winners in 7 days linearly. 

…is based on previous 7 day average market cap x 2 (Only required on Day 7 of the launch)

…the next milestone would be the current daily market cap * 1.5 ^ Streak Factor

(Streak Factor = number of streaks * 0.25, and streaks needs to be >= 2)

…when it is not triggered for 7 consecutive days. In this case, the milestone will be reset to previous 7 day average market cap * 1.2 ^ (0.1 ^ Streak Factor)



The SOS Community

We love our community and want to show our appreciation everybody who shares the vision of a beautiful, sustainable future. We want you to be involved as much as possible in the future of SOS, and as a thank you, we’ve got plenty of amazing things in store, such as…

Access and Utility

Exclusive access, VIP status and ticket and merchandise discounts to some of the world’s biggest events and platforms.

NFT Giveaways

We’re giving away sustainably minted NFTs to lucky holders every quarter.

VIP Meetings

As an SOS holder you will have VIP access to bi-annual meetings featuring leaders in the movement.


Meet and greets with influencers and celebrities in the conservation and charity space.


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The SOS Mission

Save Our Society

The SOS Foundation has been created for the betterment of our society to help solve the most severe problems facing the human race today. From solving world hunger to human trafficking and the promotion of equal rights for all races and without regard to gender or sexual orientation are all efforts that we will support and fund.

Save Our Stages

The SOS token is dedicated to the arts and education in the arts. Because of Covid, the past 18 months have been a disastrous time for performers, performing arts presenters, arts and music festivals and museums. Almost all of the greatest arts institutions in the world have been totally or partially closed for months on end. Artists and performers of all levels have been affected, many venues and festivals have been closed and museums have been shuttered. The SOS Foundation has been created to help restore the arts and arts education in our schools and higher
learning institutions.

Save Our Seas

From climate change and plastic pollution, to mining and overfishing, the threats facing our seas, and our environment at large, get more urgent every day. The vast areas outside countries’ national waters are in the most danger, as they don’t have any proper protection. It is estimated that 93% of the earth’s CO2 is stored or cycled through the oceans. Climate change is devastating our planet’s marine life, but it’s not too late to turn the tide.

The SOS Roadmap


SOS Token launch  • Talent marketing  • Initial AMA  • Charity campaign • Twitter giveaways. • PancakeSwap and PooCoin verified • Whitepaper v1 • Blockfolio listing


First donation • CoinGecko listing  • CMC listing  • Monthly newsletters  • WhiteBit listing  • More talent marketing  • Second charity donation


SOS Token merchandise  • Blockfolio listing  • Influencer vlogs  • Updates on donations


NFT giveaways  • Larger charity donations  • Celebrity meet and greets  • More to come!


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